WTi's business covers audio/video, home automation, music & arts.

Founded in 2004, WTi Group is a company dedicated to the development and promotion of the market for intelligent home theater appliances and provides a new form of an integrated supply chain service platform, and is a one-stop marketing service provider for manufacturers and retailers. As a leader within the domestic market for home theater appliances, WTi Group is currently the top brand of professional operation services in the home theater industry in China. WTi Group has branch offices and marketing channels all over China and the professional and experienced marketing team in WTi has increasingly demonstrated its irreplaceable market value. WTi is currently representing these brand names: Nationwide general agent of EPSON’s home theater projectors, strategic cooperative partner with LUTRON in China, national general agent of the entire product line from CP and general agent of Vivitek home theater projectors. The rapid yet controlled development of WTi stems from self awareness as well as the attentive forging of an outstanding team. Due to the young age of the team the atmosphere at WTi is brimming with youthful spirit and energy and the work contains a great amount of passion and enthusiasm. There is great motivation to learn and develop and there is competition without losing morality, innovation without losing advancement and steady progress without losing strategy. WTi is based on sincerity, honesty and sturdy advancement and will together with all partners strive to create a beautiful future.


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