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    My projector seems to be functioning properly but the no light is produced.

    Remove the lamp from the projector. Ensure that it has no cracks, discoloration or "smoky" appearance. It may have blown out.

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    Why do I see green, blue, or red "smudges" or "blobs" on my projected image?

    More than likely, what you are seeing is dust on one of your LCD panels. Try pausing your image so that these abnormalities are clearly visible. Then simply de-focus your projector in BOTH directions.
    You should see these blobs actually become a solid object either in the form of a string of lint or a spot of dust. To avoid dust blobs from occurring, it's important to perform routine maintenance on your projector. Cleaning of the filter with a vacuum on a monthly basis will help reduce accumulation of dust buildup. .

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